Finding Work


From preparing your CV to getting an interview, hear how these recent Migrants got their jobs in New Zealand.

Finding Work (1:28)

Finding work

Giselle Abrianos – For me find a job here in NZ was not so hard because I start to look for job when I was in Brazil. So first I started to check if the same position that I had in Brazil I could have here. So I already had some idea which companies I could work. So the company I am working now it was one company that I discovered when I was there.

Dominique O’Callaghan - I arrived on a Thursday night, had my first two interviews on a Friday morning, uhm, had my second interviews on a Wednesday and got offered the job on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Diego Abrianos - attending the workshops provided by ARMS it just kind of opened doors for me. Ah… I was able to find another organization that was called Omega and another called Chamber of Commerce. And combining the help I received from those three major organisations I was able to review my CV to improve my CV to the local standard and then after more six weeks I guess, I was able to get a job or to get a proposal to sign to get the job.

Lindsey Crummett – My brother-in-law’s best friend worked at Weta - remembered he said he would talk to Richard for me – and it just seemed so easy that I was able to set up a meeting and meet Richard Taylor, and it was, it actually blew my mind how quickly it happened, I was able to show him a sculpture I had done and I was blown away by how friendly and warm he was.


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