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Learn English in Auckland

There are a huge number of languages spoken in Auckland.
Looking for general information about learning English?

But the one you will need the most is English. Find a provider in your area and get in touch with them to find a course that suits you. 

Types of courses

Academic English will help you with your studies. Some academic programmes have requirements for English language ability, and these courses will help you reach these standards.

Business English will help you with speaking English in the workplace. 

General English will help you with having conversations in English, and with completing everyday tasks. 

English Language training (ESOL)

English language training in New Zealand is often called ESOL training (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Courses can specialise in everyday English, academic English or business English. They are available from many different organisations and may be full-time or part-time.    

For more information about courses in your area, see our ESOL tool:

Prepaid English for Migrants

If you paid for English tuition as part of your visa application, ask the provider about options for English for Migrants courses.

Other ESOL schools

The English New Zealand website provides information about private English language schools in Auckland. Fees for some private schools may be higher than for others, as not all private schools receive government funding. To find out more about what each school offers and the cost of their classes, it is best to contact them directly.

English New Zealand language schools in Auckland

Community English courses

A range of English class providers, both professional and casual, can be found in the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) directory. There is also a regular, 30 minute radio programme to help you improve your English language skills on Planet FM.

English classes in Auckland | CAB

English for Migrants | Planet FM


Toastmasters is a programme where you can improve your leadership and communication skills in a safe, supportive club environment. Anyone can join, and there is a balance of women and men and a range of age groups, cultures and occupations.

Toastmasters NZ

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