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Moving to a new country gets more complicated if you have a family to consider. But rest assured, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children.

It’s why so many Kiwis living abroad come back home when it’s time to start nesting. They know that children here enjoy many things other countries just can’t offer.

Family Friendly (01:47)

Rolf Sigaard: I think people come to New Zealand for number of reasons. I was offered opportunity to move the family out in an environment I thought was really good for kids.

Simon Shaw: One of the reasons we as a family love it in New Zealand is just the lifestyle, the quality of life. The people are friendly. To be honest with you, at first, we thought something was up - why were these people being so friendly to us when we first arrived. And it's just people's nature.

Bob Stimson: We found that there's a real sense of community that we just haven't seen in the U.S. People stop and talk to you when you're out walking about, so that was very refreshing.

Adrian Matthews: We're looking forward to enjoying the school system and the smaller class sizes. We're really keen to get the kids into the system. That's a big reason for coming.

Simon Shaw: Something we've been pleased with is the quality of the schools. We fill the schools here try and produce a more well-rounded child.

Adrian Matthews: As a family we're really enjoying the ability to get out in the hills and take the kids out into the environment and have a good look around. It's absolutely stunning up there.

Simon Shaw: We feel safe here as a family. It's not uncommon for people to go out and not lock their doors.

Gisele Abrianos: I'm thinking about growing our family here, we think it is better here, because we have the work life balance.

John Evangelista: We spend a lot of time with our friends, and on the weekends we go outside, and we do camping as well with all of our other friends. And barbeques.

Simon Shaw: Personally, we did it for the children and for their future, and we definitely think we've made the right decision.

New Zealand offers all sorts of options for choosing a home and lifestyle for your family. Our education system is recognised around the world. Our healthcare too is strong. It’s affordable, and getting seen by a doctor is usually easy.

We make fitting in and getting set up in your new country easy. And less commuting plus a better work-life balance means you get to spend more time with your family.

New Zealand is the world's second most desirable place for families, according to HSBC's 2017 Expat Explorer survey. One family-critical topic of the survey covered was 'healthcare', where our system was rated as the best in the world. 

2017 Expat Explorer Survey | HSBC

Lifestyle choices

New Zealand is the perfect place to bring up children.

It’s stable, peaceful and safer than just about anywhere else in the world – in fact we're the second safest country in the world, according to the 2017 Global Peace Index.

76% of expat parents living in New Zealand felt that their “offspring are more healthy living in New Zealand” according to HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey. Nearly three in five agreed that they personally had become more physically active since their move. They’re among the reasons expats rated New Zealand first in the world for ‘health’.

There are wonderful opportunities for young people to grow up with easy access to sports and outdoors, space and freedom: to ride horses, to run along open beaches, to swim in clean water, to walk through native forests and to truly experience the beauty of nature.

Our wide open spaces mean you have the choice of every style of living you and your family could want - from suburban homes with room for kids to run around in, to places by the seaside or even a spot out in the country with your own farm animals.

There is a wide range of housing options in New Zealand in terms of style, quality and price depending on location. Many tend to be built for our temperate climate and often don’t have some of the creature comforts (e.g. central heating, double glazing) people may be used to in cooler parts of the world.

For full information, see the Housing section.

Scooter safety in Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect place to bring up children. 

Wellington, New Zealand

Developed public services

Families in New Zealand get great support from a range of public services. They include access to welfare and support if someone has an accident or if either parent can’t work because of sickness or unemployment.

New Zealand's comprehensive health system is built on Kiwi's inbuilt need to see that everyone gets 'a fair go' in life. New Zealand residents* benefit from free or low cost healthcare thanks to heavy Government subsidies, and non-residents can also use healthcare services, but at a cost.

For full information, see the Healthcare section.

All eight of New Zealand's universities are in Top 500 of the QS World University Rankings for 2015/16

QS World University Rankings

World-class education

New Zealand offers an excellent education system. For example, in what’s been called the “biggest ever global school rankings”, the OECD in 2015 put us comfortably in the top 20 nations for the quality of our schools.

All eight of our universities come in among the top 500 QS World University Rankings for 2015/16.

Add in a safe learning environment and a healthy dose of the outdoor recreation available in our wide open spaces, and you have a recipe for producing resourceful and confident young adults ready to take on the world.

For full information about New Zealand’s education system, see the Education section.

Global School Rankings | BBC

QS World University Rankings 2015/16 | Top Universities

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