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Have you ever been asked for proof of your age or identity in New Zealand and not been able to provide it? Then the newly refreshed 18+ Kiwi Access Card may be for you.

First introduced when New Zealand's legal drinking age changed in 1999, the then 18+ Card was designed to help licensed alcohol retailers to make sure their customers were 18 or over. 

Since then because the card has official government backing, it has also become accepted as proof of age and/or identity in many other businesses, education, community and government organisations. 

For anyone who cannot produce a passport or NZ driver licence, the Kiwi Access Card is a reliable and secure alternative. And it's not only for Kiwis. You can also apply as a visitor, international student or temporary worker - but you do have to be 18 or over. 

In New Zealand, only driver licences issued in New Zealand (as opposed to foreign driver licences) are readily accepted as evidence of age, making Kiwi Access Card an ideal evidence of age for backpackers, anyone on a working holiday visa, as well as foreign students and other visitors to NZ. 

New Kiwi access card has added security

Hospitality New Zealand CEO Vicki Lee says the new card, "... has had a significant design upgrade to ensure it has state of the art security features," including embossing, micro text, and also braille. 

Lee added, "It is our hope that this card will create opportunity and access for everyone across New Zealand, whether they have just turned 18, are about to draw their pension, or visiting us on a work or study visa." 

Community benefits

The Kiwi Access Card aims to help the community as a whole by: 

  • Providing visitors to New Zealand, including those on study or working holiday visas with a reliable form of identification that can be used within New Zealand.
  • Providing stakeholders who have to check and confirm customer IDs with a legal, reliable and secure alternative. 
  • Providing young people who have recently turned 18 with a reliable evidence of age. 
  • Providing those without access to a valid passport or driver licence, including seniors and those with disabilities, with a reliable evidence of identity. 
  • Reducing the burden on passport issuing authorities of processing lost or stolen travel documents. 

Old cards are still valid

The current and previous versions of the 18+ Card remain valid for 10 years from the date of the issue. 

How to apply

You must be able to prove you are 18 years old or over at the time of your application. Forms are available online and from NZ Post. Applications must be made at NZ Post. (Note: This does not include agents - Branded NZ Post shops only). 

To apply for your Kiwi Access Card you will need:

  • A passport-sized photograph, of an acceptable standard
  • Proof of your address
  • Either another kind of Photo ID, of an acceptable type. OR, without that, another form of identification such as your birth certificate AND, a declaration from someone who can prove you are over 18. This person must have an acceptable form of ID of their own. 

See the application form for more details on each of these conditions. 

  • The required fee. The Kiwi Access Card retails at $55 including GST. 

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