Visas & citizenship

New Zealand has a range of visa options depending on whether you want to work here, study, invest or simply enjoy a visit.

Visa Options

You can view all New Zealand visas on the Immigration New Zealand website .

Our immigration policies have been developed to support New Zealand’s economic growth. If you’re looking to make New Zealand your permanent home and have skills, experience or capital that are in short supply locally, we’d love to hear from you. Moving here could be the life change you’ve always dreamed of.

There are a range of New Zealand visas, some of which you may be eligible for. Choosing the best option for your circumstances will likely depend on how long you want to stay, whether you’ve already got a job lined up and if there is a shortage of your skills in New Zealand.

If you want to visit New Zealand before you make the move or for a holiday, you may need a visitor visa. Find out whether you'll need a visitor visa on the Immigration New Zealand website.

In this section:

  • Visas to work

    Find out the visa options if you're looking to work in New Zealand. 

  • Visas to study

    Find out how to get a student visa. You’ll need one to study for more than three months.

  • Visas to invest

    Explore the dedicated pathways available for people with capital and the right skills.

  • Visas for partners & children

    Visa options for partners and dependent children to come to New Zealand.

  • Compare visas

    Compare popular visa types and the range of public services you may be eligible for. 

  • Citizenship

    Learn about the two main routes to citizenship in New Zealand, and how to qualify.

  • Getting immigration advice

    Find out about applying for a visa yourself or engaging someone to help you.

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