​In international surveys, New Zealand is rated one of the most peaceful, least corrupt countries.

  • New Zealand is second out of 163 countries on the 2018 Global Peace Index.
  • New Zealand’s homicide rate is just 1.3 in every 100,000 people – the OECD average is 3.6.
  • New Zealand is ranked 6th on SafeAround.coms’s list of world’s safest countries, with a safety index score of 90.2%.

However, keeping yourself and your family safe in different situations is important. You may find some of the safety concerns in New Zealand are different from those in your home country.

The information in this section will inform you about laws that keep people safe in New Zealand, New Zealand’s emergency services, ways to stay safe in different situations and how to prepare for natural disasters.

Global Peace Index 2018 | Vision of Humanity

OECD better life index

Danger rankings |


In this section:

  • Emergency services

    Know who to call and how to contact them if there is an emergency.

  • Natural disasters

    Know what to do and how to get prepared for an emergency.

  • Keeping safe

    Take advice on staying safe in New Zealand. Some laws are different here. 

  • Your human rights

    In New Zealand, the rights of individuals are protected by a wide range of laws. These laws cover problems you may...

  • Your legal rights

    If something happens that you feel is against your legal rights, you can complain. The Complaint line website has a list...

  • New Zealand Police

    Learn about how our Police force operates and your rights and responsibilities.

  • Getting legal help

    As in most countries, people in New Zealand may need legal help in a range of different situations.

  • Information following the Christchurch terrorist attack

    Immigration New Zealand acknowledges the event of the mass shooting in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 and its effects...

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