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What it costs to live in New Zealand may be quite different from your home country. How it compares depends on where you are coming from and what part of New Zealand you settle in.

If you have just arrived in New Zealand you may find the cost of living is more, or less than you expected. Use this calculator to find out what your income and expenses may be.

What do others think?

See what some successfully settled New Zealand migrants say about the balance between cost of living and quality of life

New Zealand cost of living comparison (01:57)

Here in New Zealand I did realise that the pay difference was considerable.

Just like with anything else,

it's weighing the benefits and the risks.

There's other benefits that make it worthwhile.

The cost of living was always a concern for us

housing, food, transport even.

But once you weigh that up against what you actually get here

is real quality of life.

We found that going away from the city would allow us to buy a nice place

and at the same time have a different lifestyle.

We get a seven hundred squaremetre land

big garden, standalone house.

it's just not something you can get easily in China.
For me the cost of living in New Zealand is probably more

than in South Africa.

that could be offset by the fact that you don't have

to have expensive security system or a private company looking after you.

It's balanced out for us as a family.

New Zealand is a place with awesome products

like all the veggies are great.

the meat is just beautiful,

it's much better than what we get in Europe

There are different markets

especially on the weekends and you can go and buy

fresh veggies and foods.

Food is roughly twice as expensive as we could get back in home.

There's a number of trade-offs when you take up specific jobs or move

to specific places.

One thing for me would be I can earn more money in the UK

but I'm paid back in so many other ways that for me that balance is correct.

The wine, the scenery, the climate

it's just a little piece of heaven.

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