Housing in New Zealand

Having a place to call home is a big part of feeling settled in a new country, and it can take time to find the one that’s right for you and your family.

Even if you plan to buy eventually, it is best to start off by renting. That way you can take time seeing what is available and where you would like to live before you make a commitment.

Housing in New Zealand is as varied as our people. Whether you are looking for an outdoor lifestyle, a place in the heart of the city or a family home with room for the kids to run around in, you will find it here. Your options include suburban homes, rural living and lifestyle blocks, apartments, flats and townhouses.

Choosing somewhere to live in New Zealand

Aerial view of houses on a typical New Zealand street

New Zealand homes are generally built to make the most of the light and the outdoors. We prize an ‘indoor-outdoor flow’ because it is ideal for barbecues and summer living.

Historically we have built standalone houses, made with a timber frame and either timber or brick veneer cladding, but as cities become more populated, apartments and multiple unit houses have become more popular.

In this section:

  • Choosing somewhere to live

    Know what to look for in a home, especially in terms of heating and location.

  • Renting

    Get an idea of rents and other costs, and find out where to start looking.

  • Buying or building

    Understand whether you are eligible, the processes involved and the costs, find out where to start looking. ​

  • Maintaining your property

    Know what you need to do around your home and who can do what.

  • Utilities

    Check out your options for power, water and the practical side of running a house day-to-day.

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