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Looking to live a more balanced lifestyle somewhere safe and secure in one of the cleanest and most beautiful countries on earth?

Why not join us in New Zealand? It’s a good time to be considering a move, especially if you have skills that are in demand.

Moving to New Zealand

Of course it’s a big decision. So, many people considering moving to New Zealand start by taking a holiday here. It’s a great opportunity to get in touch with some prospective employers and check out parts of the country you think you might like to live.

Preparation is the key to avoiding surprises and getting your new life off to a flying start.

This section has lots of links to places with good advice on what to do before you leave and how to hit the ground running once you land.

Your top priority will probably be finding a job, so make your first step a visit to working in New Zealand. You'll then need a New Zealand visa.

To help you plan your move try NZ Ready. It's a planning tool with lots of practical information and will help you create a customised list of things to do before you leave and when you first arrive.

And one site that should definitely bookmark is Settlement Support New Zealand. It's an Immigration New Zealand service that is available to newcomers to help them settle in to your new surroundings. There are 18 regional SSNZ offices throughout New Zealand that can help you before you leave and once you arrive.


moving to New Zealand

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