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A good move for the whole family.

Family fishing in New Zealand

If you have a family to consider, the idea of moving to a new country gets a whole lot more complicated. But with room to move and exciting things to discover, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children.

It’s why so many Kiwis who have lived overseas return home when it’s time to start a family. They know that children here enjoy many things other countries just can’t offer.

With flexibility to choose the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and the support of excellent public services, it’s surprisingly easy to give your family those advantages too.


Great lifestyle and services

New Zealand gives you the choice of every style of living you could want – from suburban homes with open space for kids to run around in, to places by the seaside or out in the country where there’s room for animals too.

Families enjoy the support of a great range of public services. They include developed transport connections that make getting about easy and access to welfare and support if someone has an accident or if either parent can’t work because of sickness or unemployment.

Young family playing on beach

We have an education system that leads the world. Healthcare too is strong – it’s affordable, and getting seen by a doctor is usually easy.

And we make fitting in and getting set up in your new country easy.

New Zealand is a good move for families.

Get planning

Decided to move? Or still thinking but wondering what’s involved? The NZ Ready planning tool will help you create a customised list of things to do before you leave and when you first arrive.

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