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Living in New Zealand

Get a career and a life; New Zealand has a world-class recipe for better living.

Tips for settling in

Tips for settling in

Embrace New Zealand's unique culture and way of life.

Equip yourself with practical information on Maori culture, socialising in New Zealand, learning English and good places to meet people.

Things to do when you first arrive in NZ
New Zealand's money and cost of living

Money & tax

Learn about everyday money management here and how to stay on the right side of our tax laws.
NZ houses and lifestyles


Check out the options for renting or buying and how to keep things running smoothly on the home front.


Know where to go for doctors, dentists, hospitals and medicines, and find out what they cost.
Schools for your children in New Zealand
Safe place to call home


Know who to call in an emergency and get familiar with some specific precautions for staying safe.
Enjoy sport and the outdoors in NZ


Get a taste of the cultural, sporting and outdoor experiences in store for you here in New Zealand.
New Zealand's history and government services

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