Work life balance


Working hard is important in New Zealand – but so is making good use of time outside work.

Work life balance (1:31)

Work life balance

Bob Stimson - There seems to be a much better work/life balance here than what we found in the US. We found that people work just as hard as anywhere we’ve seen, but yet people are encouraged and enjoy having a life outside the office too, so that there is a real balance that, ah, not quite the degree of workaholism that, ah, we used to see in the US.

Diego Abrianos - You can definitely have a good work/life balance and then you have time to work and to do your job, make your money and also enjoy your life – you don’t need to choose between having a personal life or doing well in your profession.

Conor Coady - Everyone is very relaxed and people have their own interest. They, they follow them and, uhm, you’re kind of expected to be an individual in New Zealand. And, uhm, the relaxed atmosphere allows you to pursue whatever your interest is.

Adrian Matthews - Lots and lots of sports organized in and around Christchurch that I’ve been involved with. And, uhm, yeah we’ve, as a family, we’ve really enjoyed the ability to get out on the hills and take the kids into the environment and have a good look around.

Dominique O’Callaghan - I was living in Newcastle for the last 18 months and the only real day of sun I remember last year was when I was down in Glastonbury, and that was on the final day of Glastonbury ‘cause that poured with rain as well – sunshine and barbeques have a big part to play in how much I like New Zealand.


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