Why study in New Zealand


Discover the advantages of studying in New Zealand and see why it is such a unique place to have new experiences, new ideas and new adventures.

Why study in New Zealand (2:21)

What studying in New Zealand could be like as an international student

What could you learn?

What could you learn?

What could you learn in New Zealand?

That, I could study a robot, and the robot can study me.

That I can ask questions whenever I want.

And I am always happy to answer them.

I learn that a mountain can be a classroom.

That scallops, should be cooked 30 seconds a side, no more.

That I can talk to my lecturer, an expert. Pnce, I even talked to the Prime Minister.

That I could start in a small country of four million people, go to America, pick up an award at Harvard, and build my own sustainable mining company.

That the skills, and experience I gained here, and the things I learned, could actually get me a job here.

That our way of teaching can make a real difference to the teachers and the students of the world.

That I could leave my home, my parents, way of life, and find a new family, make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime.

That our son became the man we dreamed of.

That Mr. Archie, Mr. Clark, Mr. Brown, Professor Roberts, that Miss Parkinson believed in me.

What will you learn? 

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