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When Darlene and Nelson found their Florida lifestyle was becoming too routine they decided to head offshore. They made a list of things they wanted in a place to live, and top of the list was lifestyle. One place ticked all the boxes – New Zealand. Now at home in Rotorua they tell how it has worked out.

Top for lifestyle (2:58)

New Zealand: top for lifestyle. Darlene and Nelson's migration story

Darlene: Hi, I'm Darlene . I'm originally from the USA but now I live and work here in Rotorua, New Zealand.  We first started getting interested in New Zealand because we kept having these conversations about how we really wanted something different for our lives It had just become a little too routine

Nelson: Hi - I am Nelson, originally from India. I come to New Zealand via the United States where I lived for twenty-five years. My experience goes all the way back to India when I first started in the hospitality industry then I moved to the USA.  Worked in cruise ships for seventeen years. I've had about twenty years experience in management so that bought me when I came to New Zealand

Darlene: The skilled migrant category of the permanent visa was actually pretty easy for us because I'm a software development manager which was on the short list.

Nelson: It took me a month to find a job which in the sector that I'm in shouldn't be that difficult with the experience that I have - shouldn't be difficult.

Chris: Hi, I'm Chris Bell, Operations Manager here at the Millennium Hotel in Rotorua. In Nelson's case, obviously, he's bringing to us a lot of international skills. So obviously we saw that as an asset, and Nelson, and that's a lot of the reason why we recruited them here into the hotel.

Nelson: At that point I was not looking at Rotorua still because I had not heard great things about Rotorua.   I was told it was a bad place is smelly and all that stuff.   I came in and said I see this bad place and said let's go for it. And applied for a job, I was accepted. It was fantastic.

Darlene: Well, when we came to Rotorua it was actually a great place to get settled and one of the first stops that I made was settlement support and I met Heather She's fabulous. She produces a monthly newsletter and it's both electronic and comes out in hard copy as well. They have all kinds of workshops and things so that the first stop that I go to to find out what's going on in the migrant community as well as the community as a whole.  Also I love the environment so I went and worked, I volunteer actually at kiwi encounter at Rainbow Springs where we take people through and we share the operation nest egg program where they're helping kiwi conservation. I love it, I absolutely love it.

Nelson: As for workwise, I like the work ethics over here. They are great. Senior management is awesome.  They do care about your life style the lifestyle that you have, it's not all about work.

Darlene: If you're coming to New Zealand the advice I would give some is to bring the right attitude. Be open, be flexible and be positive because there's going to be trials and tribulations, it happens no matter what you do in life. But as long as you're open, flexible and positive it all turns out great.

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