Lindsey Crummet


With amazing work in the film industry happening in Wellington Lindsey felt it was the best place to be.

Lindsey Crummet (3:12)

Lindsey Crummett

Hi, my name is Lindsey Crummett and I come from Orange County, California. I grew up in California, and I actually moved to New Zealand in 2005, so I’ve been here for seven years.

My sister, my older sister, had actually moved to, to Wellington, New Zealand, to work in the industry as well, and she had moved here in 2003. When I came to visit her, I saw the industry here and the city itself and I saw the amazing work being done in the film industry and it was, it was all so kind of graspable or you were really able to see it up close, and I really enjoyed that. So when I moved back to California I finished my degree and sort of had it in mind to move back to Wellington as soon as I could to try and work in the industry here.

When I first moved to wellington, I was, I was trying to figure out who to speak to, how I could go about getting a job and I really wanted to work at Weta Workshop. My brother-in-law’s best friend worked at Weta- remembered he said he would talk to Richard for me – and it just seemed so easy that I was able to set up a meeting and meet Richard Taylor, and it was, it actually blew my mind how quickly it happened. I was able to show him a sculpture I had done and I was blown away by how friendly and warm he was.

I live in a suburb in Wellington called Miramar, and Miramar is a kind of central hub of the film industry. Stone Street Studios is here, Weta Workshops is here. And one thing that’s incredibly convenient for me is that I live about 10 minutes walk from work, about 3 minutes drive.

The hills in Miramar are just beautiful,I live at the top of a hill called Mapuia and on one side I can see the ocean and on the other side I can see the community of Miramar. I can pretty much see the building I work in.

One thing I really enjoyed when I moved here was that I almost felt spoiled because I really didn’t have to worry very often, about I, about my safety. I don’t really think of a time where I kind of went ‘oh, oh, I really shouldn’t be here alone’ or anything like that. I just always felt really comfortable because the community itself is so safe.

I don’t know whether it’s because New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote. There’s a lot of really amazingly strong women in this country and I really love that. It’s a, I find it a place where I feel I can really flourish, and it feels like such an international mixing pot for all sorts of different culture. There are so many different cultures that come into New Zealand and so many different cultures that go back out into the world.

The countryside and the nature here is beautiful year round. And it doesn’t change the fact that it is very changeable weather in Wellington. And so it, during the summer, it can be quite beautiful and really mild. And then during the winter it can get very cold. But when you’re prepared for it, I kind of find the changeable weather fun. It mixes things up a bit.


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