Friendly community


Kiwi’s have a warm and open manner which means it’s relatively easy to find ways to get involved in the community and to meet new people.

Friendly community (0:47)

Friendly community
John and Tina Evangelista 

John - So we moved in in April 2011 and the day we moved in and the movers in the house and had all the boxes all over the house (Tina: yes) we are surprised that the neighbours came and brought some food. They realized that we didn’t have time to cook, (Tina: yeah) to cook dinner so they came out with roast beef and ah, and some dessert.

Tina – That was the Stevenson’s as well

John – yeah… and ever since then we had a close relationship with our neighbours which [sic] in fact with the four neighbours round us. We would get together every month. We’d take turns.

Tina – to host the lunch

Tina and John – or dinner

John – It’s been going on for the past more than a year and, ah…

Tina – In fact the next one is tonight (laughs). We have dinner tonight at the neighbour’s house. 
Tina and John – yeah


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