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If you have a family to consider, the idea of moving to a new country gets a whole lot more complicated. But be assured, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children.

Family friendly (1:47)

Family friendly in New Zealand

Rolf Sigaard: I think people come to New Zealand for number of reasons. I was offered opportunity to move the family out in an environment I thought was really good for kids.

Simon Shaw: One of the reasons we as a family love it in New Zealand is just the lifestyle, the quality of life. The people are friendly. To be honest with you, at first, we thought something was up - why were these people being so friendly to us when we first arrived. And it's just people's nature.

Bob Stimson: We found that there's a real sense of community that we just haven't seen in the U.S. People stop and talk to you when you're out walking about, so that was very refreshing.

Adrian Matthews: We're looking forward to enjoying the school system and the smaller class sizes. We're really keen to get the kids into the system. That's a big reason for coming.

Simon Shaw: Something we've been pleased with is the quality of the schools. We fill the schools here try and produce a more well-rounded child.

Adrian Matthews: As a family we're really enjoying the ability to get out in the hills and take the kids out into the environment and have a good look around. It's absolutely stunning up there.

Simon Shaw: We feel safe here as a family. It's not uncommon for people to go out and not lock their doors.

Gisele Abrianos: I'm thinking about growing our family here, we think it is better here, because we have the work life balance.

John Evangelista: We spend a lot of time with our friends, and on the weekends we go outside, and we do camping as well with all of our other friends. And barbeques.

Simon Shaw: Personally, we did it for the children and for their future, and we definitely think we've made the right decision.

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