City job, rural living


Julian and his family moved here from the UK and now live on the Kapiti Coast in a rural setting.

City job, rural living (2:58)

Moving to New Zealand from the UK: Julian Ilott's migration story

Hi, my name's Julian. I'm a recent immigrant to New Zealand and I'm here to tell you a little about living up on the Kapiti Coast and what coming to New Zealand is all about.

My sister and her partner, they were on an around the world trip. They're both nurses and they spent six months working at an Auckland hospital. So they discovered New Zealand on my behalf.

I had been pretty much working in central London for most of my career. I've done a few stints and projects overseas, but mainly in London.

We were living in sort of rural Lincolnshire at the time so door to door was two hours, if everything went well. So, with that in mind, I needed to kind of do something about it, and before the kids got too old as well so they went primary school. That helped drive our move to New Zealand, but the main thing was probably the commute and the desire not to have to do such a big long haul again.

In terms of coming to New Zealand, that was very much something that I was particularly keen on and then eventually won my wife around to the idea. She had more reservations in terms of leaving family and friends, etc. All our family is back in the UK, so that was quite a sort of wrench.

We talked to family about it and they understood why we were doing it. With technology these days it's really easy to stay in touch with family and friends and as long about you've got yourself a computer and a webcam, you'll have no problem at all.

Coming to New Zealand the actual process itself was fine. I basically had a job offer to come to, so I got to work visa through that. 

It was an accredited company with Immigration so that can make the process pretty damn simple. You apply for you work visa with your employer contract. And then you get a work visa. So, really not difficult at all. I guess I'm quite lucky in terms of my skills within IT - we're in demand. There's a real skill shortage in New Zealand in terms of IT.

New Zealand's salary's are different to the UK. So, I didn't come to New Zealand to get paid more money. But in terms of the work-life balance, and everything else that comes along with it, there's a lot more to life than just how much salary goes in your bank account every month.

You can come out for a holiday and that gives you an impression of a country. Particularly if you've had a great time. You've done all these wicked things whether it skiing or going to the beach. But that's not normal life. Normal life is you go to work, the kids go to school. Yes, you have your weekends, but normal life is mostly different. So high expectations were set, because we had a great holiday, and we haven't been disappointed, at all.

We absolutely love New Zealand and all the things that it provides.

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