A warm welcome


New Zealanders are typically welcoming to newcomers – Hear a few stories shared by recent migrants about their welcome to New Zealand.

A warm welcome (1:20)

A warm welcome

Simon Shaw - One of my Kiwi friends that I used to work with, um, the day after the earthquake was helping me in, in move stuff out from my-------and he had his own problems but he was still willing to come and help me move out of our old rental into the new one. And um you know, I can’t thank them enough for how much support and help they’ve given us since we’ve immigrated.

Dominique O’Callaghan - Literally the first day I moved in one of the girls at work had a bed in storage um so she turned up and delivered a bed for me um. In exchange I think I forced some bottles of wine on her, cause they were just. oh no take it, it’s fine and ah um I got my lounge suite off another person from work.

John and Tina Evangelista - John: The day we moved in and the movers in the house and had all the boxes all over the house (Tina: yes) we are surprised that the neighbours came and brought some food. They realized that we didn’t have time to cook, (Tina: yeah) to cook dinner so they came out with roast beef and ah, and some dessert.

Connor Cody - I wanted to go sailing, and I walked down to the um docklands and to the yacht club there. I happened across the last boat out on the races on Sunday and I asked them if they were looking for crew. And because New Zealanders are particularly open and friendly, I was invited on board and that started my hobby, sailing.


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