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Live and invest in New Zealand

A smart choice for investment

As well as an enviable lifestyle, you’ll also find it’s just as easy to do business here. New Zealand offers investors a low-risk, well-functioning open economy and stable business environment. It is emphatically cosmopolitan, and the easiest country in the world to do business according to the World Bank’s 2020 ‘Doing Business’ report.

On the International Tax Competitiveness Index, New Zealand ranks second in the developed world, both for investing and for starting and growing businesses. The top personal income tax rate is 33%, and company rate is 28%.

Global connectedness

New Zealand itself may be relatively small but it’s surprisingly easy to scale operations far beyond the capacity of the domestic market. Our competitive business time zone, well-established trade connections and digital and global business networks, all contribute to New Zealand's geographic location being a business advantage.

Over 30 global and regional shipping lines visit our deep-water ports and Auckland International Airport connects you directly with 37 global destinations from Shanghai to Dubai to San Francisco.

Active investments

New Zealand provides an active investment environment and offers investors the opportunity to get more hands-on with investments compared to other developed economies. Angel investment activity in New Zealand has tripled in the last decade - we now have more angel investors per capita than the USA (1/7,000 vs 1/25,000). (Angel Association New Zealand & NZVIF).

Residence through investment

If you have the smart capital that New Zealand is looking for, the easiest way to gain residency to New Zealand is through the Investor Plus Visa or Investor Visa. 

These visas provide the opportunity for you to settle, or at least spend considerable time here, enjoying all our beautiful country has to offer. It’s all part of our commitment to welcoming overseas investment.

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Investor Visa

$ 3mnzd

Invested for 4 years

146 days in NZ in each of the last three years of a four year investment period or 438 days in NZ over the four year investment period*.

Investor Plus Visa


Invested for 3 years

44 days in NZ in each of the last 2 years of a three year investment period or 88 days over the three year investment period*.

World-class quality of life

New Zealand’s investor migrant policies offer a unique opportunity to enjoy New Zealand’s exceptional lifestyle while developing their business interests.

Investors can have the best of both worlds - a sophisticated lifestyle in one of our urban centres, and easy access to some of the world's most stunning landscapes.

A very warm welcome

New Zealanders open their hearts to newcomers. The Maori people have a saying “He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata” which translates to “What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.”

Our warmth and hospitality are a product of our size. Living on the edge of the world as we do, it’s second nature for New Zealanders to reach out and make connections.

It's not surprising then that nine out of ten migrants find the welcome they receive meets or exceeds their expectations.

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