Buying bonds

New Zealand has a range of fixed-interest bonds for you to invest in.

Newly issued debt securities can be bought through investment advisers or sharebrokers, and through the NZDX Market. The NZDX Market also provides a secondary market where investors can buy and sell debt securities through NZX advisers.

Government securities – Kiwi Bonds - can be purchased by members of the public through some registered banks, NZX brokers, chartered accountants, solicitors, investment advisers and investment brokers. Their credit rating is AA+, just beneath the highest possible. You buy Kiwi Bonds for terms of six months, one year, two years or four years.

Note that Kiwi Bonds are available only to New Zealand residents. Anyone resident outside New Zealand, even if they hold New Zealand citizenship, cannot invest in Kiwi Bonds. This is due to the requirements of securities regulations in offshore jurisdictions.

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Page last updated: 05/01/2017

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