International reach

New Zealand itself may be relatively small but, as many businesses have found, it’s surprisingly easy to scale operations far beyond the capacity of the domestic market.

That’s thanks to our location and excellent physical, electronic and trade connections with the rest of the world.

Over 30 global and regional shipping lines visit our deep-water ports and over 20 major international airlines serve international airports in seven urban centres around the country.

Connected digitally

In digital economy rankings we're placed 10th by The Economist's Intelligence Unit.

The World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Information Technology Report ranks New Zealand among the world’s ‘advanced’ internet economies, alongside the USA, Canada, western Europe, Japan and the Asian tigers.

Huawei’s 2015 Global Connectivity Index ranked us 15th in the world, commenting that “New Zealand is internet penetration leader in the region” and that “the evolution of the Internet of Things will lead to opportunities for New Zealand to be a leader in niche areas”

The Harvard Business Review in 2015 included us in their list of ‘stand out’ countries that have shown high levels of digital development in the past and remain on an upward trajectory

Global Connectivity Index 2015 | Huawei

Where the digital economy is moving fastest | Harvard Business Review

Competitive time zone

Our business hours cover the afternoon on the USA west coast, much of Asia’s business day, the morning in Europe, and we’re a few hours ahead of Australia. It’s a strong position to be in if you need to manage workflows and transactions across a range of international locations.

International business meeting

Trade networks

With the world’s economic centre of power shifting away from Europe towards Asia/US, we’re in an increasingly promising geographic location.

We’re taking advantage of that with a strong and growing network of trade agreements.

In April 2008 we became the first Western country to sign a free trade deal with China.

We enjoy well-established trade links with the USA and Japan. We have a close trade relationship with Australia (called CER, Closer Economic Relations), giving New Zealand businesses duty free access to a population of 23.2 million. Other agreements provide enhanced access to the ASEAN nations of South East Asia and also to India, the Gulf states, Russia Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We’re currently (2015) involved in negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which aims to create a regional free trade agreement involving 12 Asia Pacific countries: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, the United States, Viet Nam, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand.

Trade and Economic Relations | MFAT

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