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Global Impact Visa (GIVs)

If you're a high impact entrepreneur, investor, or changemaker looking to create scalable, positive global impact, New Zealand's Global Impact Visa (GIVs) could be for you.

Immigration New Zealand has partnered with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) to deliver this world-first innovative new visa, designed to attract talented and visionary entrepreneurs, investors and start-up teams with the drive and capabilities to create lasting positive impact for New Zealand and around the world. 

EHF is a fellowship programme that provides mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and start-up teams with a platform to incubate global impact ventures from New Zealand.  

Edmund Hillary Fellowship

There are two stages to the application process:

  1. Submit an application, and be accepted into, the Edmund Hillary Fellowship
  2. Apply for a Global Impact Visa. 
Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF): Build the Future in NZ
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Apply for EHF

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship

Before you can apply for a Global Impact Visa you must be accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship. The Fellowship selection process occurs twice a year, after which successful applicants will be sent a Letter of Offer and invited to apply for a Global Impact Visa.

Participation in the programme provides Fellows with:

  • Exclusive access to New Zealand’s Global Impact Visa
  • A global network of talented entrepreneurial and investment leaders who are personally invested in helping each other succeed, offering diverse expertise, mentorship opportunities, cross-sector collaboration opportunities, and a peer-support network
  • Connections to New Zealand’s start-up ecosystem, government leaders, mentors, investors, research and development institutes and Māori communities
  • Immersive experiences to learn Tikanga Māori, the Māori ways of doing things, and how to navigate business within a multicultural society
  • Participation in workshops, skill-sharing sessions, learning opportunities, and retreats with other Fellows
  • A platform to tell their story through international channels
  • A lifelong community of passionate changemakers, and an opportunity to be at the front line of leading systemic global change from New Zealand

The Fellowship has 100 places available each year for international candidates, and will also accept New Zealand entrepreneurs and investors every year to strengthen the community. 

EHF is for people who are using innovation to create systemic positive change for economic, social, environmental and or cultural impact. EHF welcome applicants from all backgrounds and stages of the entrepreneurial journey to apply. This programme is for individuals and teams who align with EHF values, and who have the skills, capabilities, relentless drive, and desire to leverage the unique opportunities New Zealand offers, and make game-changing impact on the world.  

EHF Fellow Welcome Experience

Who is EHF looking for?

People solving problems of significance to humanity in a way that creates positive lasting economic, social and environmental value. EHF welcome applicants from all backgrounds and stages of the entrepreneurial journey to apply.

Global Impact Visa (GIVs)

Once nominated for acceptance into EHF, candidates are invited to apply for a Global Impact Visa to live and work in New Zealand, on a three-year open work visa.

Requirements for this visa include:

  • A Letter of Offer from EHF

  • NZ$36,000 maintenance funds to support you and your family for the first year

  • Health, character and English language requirements.

If you have family they will need to apply for visas under the Partnership and Dependent Child categories.

Global Impact Visa | Immigration New Zealand

Join a global community of entrepreneurial 
leaders working together to impact the course of humanity from New Zealand.

Yoseph Ayele, CEO, Edmund Hillary Fellowship

Residence for EHF Fellows

New Zealand wishes to build long-term relationships with accepted Fellows and help them build new roots in our country. Fellows who stay in the EHF programme for more than 30 months are eligible to apply for New Zealand permanent visas. To be eligible for permanent residence, you must maintain the support of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and be on track to create impact in New Zealand. 

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