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We’re a well-connected, vibrant part of the global economy.

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Our international links are important to us in business, and personally. 

To start with, we’re an exporting nation with strong ties with the US, China, Japan and Korea as well as to our traditional partners, Australia and the UK.

New Zealand competes in some of the most demanding markets in the world. Our businesses have to foot it internationally. Distance is not the inhibitor it used to be and communications technology is having an enormous effect.

It’s shortened the distance between us and other countries to milliseconds. You can achieve anything in New Zealand that you could in London or New York – or Hollywood.

International business in New Zealand

On a personal level, we’re great international travellers ourselves, and nearly a quarter of us were born outside New Zealand. In fact, over 90% of us say we have some connection with another country through family, friends or interests.

So you’ll be working with outward looking people keen to ensure their country makes its mark internationally.

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Learn more about our international approach to business at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and

"From a career point of view the opportunity to take on new challenges and experience new cultures and business systems was a powerful incentive"

Billy Walsh, banker: formerly from Ireland


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