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Give yourself time, make a list, set priorities.

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Excited by the idea of studying in New Zealand? Well, now it's time to get practical.

There's lots to think about and it can seem overwhelming. But as the saying goes, the journey of a lifetime progresses one step at a time. Remember you don't have to do everything at once. Make a list and work out what you have to do first, then move on to whatever's next.

Your two top priorities will be choosing a course and a school or university then enrolling, and getting a student visa. (You can’t apply for a student visa until you can show you have a confirmed place at a registered institution).

Then you’ll need to know and decide about accommodation, keeping in touch with family and friends back home, health care, money and more.

There are lots of sites to check out, but a great place to start is NZ Educated.

To help you plan your move to New Zealand try the NZ Ready planning tool. It will help you create a customised list of things to do before you leave and when you first arrive.

If your long-term plan is to become a New Zealand resident one day then you'll need to know about working after study and your visa options to stay here.

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Do your homework and prove to yourself and your family that this is something you can and will make happen.

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