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Personalised, supportive and highly marketable

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New Zealand has the perfect recipe for turning out the practical, innovative thinkers that modern organisations around the world love to employ.

Our education system rewards both academic and practical, skill-based achievements.

You’re encouraged to be questioning, flexible and to seek your own answers by thinking for yourself. We go far beyond traditional learning by repetition, rewarding inventiveness,creativity and innovation.

It’s exactly the sort of learning you need to impress the employers of today who need independent thinkers, competent with both theory and practice and able to develop new solutions to new challenges.

You’ll enjoy terrific flexibility to personalise your learning. You can also look forward to a highly supportive environment. And you’ll be encouraged to question and think creatively.

Personalised learning

Students avoid the conveyor belt mentality in New Zealand. As a relatively small country, you’ll be treated as an individual here.

Our education system is open and flexible so you’ll get a wide choice of options and the chance to tailor your learning to your personal goals. Our National Qualifications Framework makes it easy to create pathways from one qualification to another, receiving credit for the courses you’ve already completed, and ending up with a qualification that is internationally recognised.

Supportive environment

New Zealand also offers a very supportive environment for students.

Numbers in your class or course will probably be smaller than you’re used to. So you can expect to receive more personalised attention from your teachers than you might in other parts of the world.

If you’re having difficulty with an assignment, you can discuss it with your tutor or get help from the student learning centre. Seeking help where needed is a normal part of student life here.

This support for students extends beyond the school or university. The New Zealand Government was the first in the world to adopt a Code of Practice that sets out standards for the care of international students, in and out of the classroom.


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Unlike in some cultures, challenging and questioning teachers and lecturers is an important part of a New Zealand education. At all levels students are expected to have original thoughts and to be able to defend them in debate. This is how we show respect for our teachers - by participating fully in the academic process.

You’re also expected to be a self starter, particularly at university level where courses typically involve relatively few hours per week of formal lessons. A high degree of self-motivation and self-discipline is needed as you will be expected to do a lot of preparation to be able take part in class discussions. Be prepared to work hard, work in teams and think innovatively.


All institutions hosting international students have staff dedicated to ensuring their time in New Zealand is successful. Their services will probably include workshops about exam techniques and dealing with stress.


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