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Investors with the capital, entrepreneurial track record and international connections that can make a real difference to our businesses are wanted now.

And we’re rolling up our sleeves to make New Zealand as attractive for you as possible.

Along with the inbuilt business advantages of a fertile land and a well-educated, flexible workforce, you’ll find a Government actively promoting growth and innovation with a range of business and migrant-friendly policies.

Getting money into New Zealand - or out - is easy and there are very few restrictions on what you can or can’t invest in. Plus, the tax situation here is positive for investors.

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Investment opportunities

There are opportunities in many fields, in both traditional business sectors and in new, often highly innovative areas. Just some of the areas where New Zealand is doing exceptionally well include information and communications technology, tourism, film and special effects production, biotechnology, agricultural research, and wood-based technology.

All these advantages come with dedicated immigration policies that make it surprisingly easy for investors and their families to enjoy the wide open spaces and world-beating lifestyle, adventure and recreational opportunities New Zealand has to offer.

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‘Best for business’

Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the second best country for business, thanks to a transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship.

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“New Zealand is the hidden secret.” 

Michael F Bianco, CEO American Capital Markets Group


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